The history of the VA, Department of Veterans Affairs, dates back to 1636. When the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony were at war, they decided to pass a law stating that disabled soldiers would be supported by the colony. However it wasn’t until 1811 that the federal government authorized the first domiciliary and medical facility for Veterans and in 1917 during WWI Congress set up a new system of Veterans benefits. It was in 1930 that President Hoover helped establish the Veterans Administration.

If you currently serve in the military as an active naval or air service and are under any type of condition that separates you other than dishonorable, you should be able to qualify for VA health care benefits. The easiest and fastest way is to complete the application online. NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to activate the Veterans Benefits application online.

how to activate- Veterans Benefits Application Online

what you need:

  • internet access
  • adobe reader
  • other personal information

what to do:

  • visit:
  • click on the “START NOW!” button
  • select which type of computer you are using to complete the application
  • select which application best fits you
  • review the information on the next screen
  • click on the “Next” button
  • proceed to complete the application
  • once you submit the completed application online you will receive a confirmation phone call providing you with the status of approval or a letter will be mailed if you are not approved with instructions on what to do next