The history of York can be traced back to 1874 in York, Pennsylvania. They offer the following type of products:

York strongly suggest that after your purchase a product,  you go online and register the product in order to receive safety notifications, warranty service and confirm your ownership of the product in case of an insurance loss claim.

NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you are a new or current customer that needs to activate your new York product registration, read below. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below to access the activation page to activate your York product warranty registration online.

how to activate – York Product Warranty Registration

what you need in advance:

  • internet access
  • have an official York product
  • serial number for your York product
  • install date for your York product
  • other York product details
  • personal information

    what to do:

  • visit:
  • click on the “REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT” button
  • choose your language and then click on the “Submit” button
  • choose “Product Warranty Registration”
  • click on the “Submit” button
  • type in and provide the serial number and install date in the spaces provided
  • provide a mailing address in the spaces provided
  • provide the installation address in the spaces provided
  • provide the dealer information in the spaces provided
  • submit your registration and check your email for confirmation