Regions Financial Corporation was started in 1971 but their official name was not adopted until 1994.  Regions Bank customers can use thier Regions Visa CheckCard or Regions Now Card on everyday purchases and will automatically earn cashback. NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you are a current Regions Bank customer you will want to activate your new bank card online. Below we have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to access the Regions Bank Card Enrollment page so that you can activate your new card online.

how to activate –  Regions Bank Card

what you need:

  • internet access
  • personal information
  • current username and password

what to do:

  • visit
  • click on the green “Continue” button
  • choose the appropriate type of account that you have with Regions Bank and then click on the “Personal” or “Business” button
  • choose which method you want to use to verify your account; ex. Customer Number or ATM Check Card
  • enter in your full social security number in the spaces provided and then the correct number for the option you selected in the previous step
  • click on the green “Continue” button
  • proceed to create and provide all the required information for the “Create online ID and password” page and then continue forward until you receive your confirmation
  • once you have activated your Online Banking, choose “Activate a Card” in the “I want to” drop down box in the upper left corner of the “Account Details” page
  • provide all the required information to complete and finalize your card activation