As of 31 March 2014, BDO is the country’s biggest bank in terms of total resources, capital, customer loans, total deposits, and assets under management. They were founded in 1968. NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you are a new BDO debit card customer you will want to activate your BDO online banking account immediately. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to activate your new BDO online banking account.

how to activate- BDO Online Banking for Debit Card Customers

what you need:

  • internet access
  • your BDO debit card
  • your BDO account number
  • personal information

what to do to activate BDO Online Banking:

  • visit:
  • choose “Deposit Account” from the drop down box
  • choose where you are enrolling from
  • choose all the enrollments you want to set up NOTE: if you choose to add phone banking and SMS banking you will need to provide additional information
  • type in your ATM card number in the space provided
  • from the drop down box choose the type of account you have
  • create a nickname and type in the in the space provided
  • type in the account number in the space provided
  • create and type in a new user ID in the space provided
  • create and type in a new password in the spaces provided
  • type in your mobile number
  • type in your email address
  • choose security questions from the drop down boxes and then provide the corresponding answers in the spaces provided
  • type in the code that appears on your page in the space provided
  • click on the “Submit” button
  • IMPORTANT!: take note of your new ATM Activation Code
  • visit any BDO ATM within 45 days
  • push the “Other Services” button
  • choose “Activate Electronic Banking”
  • enter in your ATM activation code
  • push the “Confirm” button
  • select a receipt option
  • enter in your PIN
  • receive your receipt