Citibank’s history in London goes back to the presence established in 1902 by the International Banking Corporation, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of National City Bank in 1919. Today, Citibank offers a free app download for the following types of devices:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • Android
  • (download from the App Store or on Google Play)

Citibank highly suggest that all customers download the app to take advantage of the following all on the go from anywhere on their device:

  • pay bills
  • set up notifications
  • transfer funds
  • deposits checks
  • find locations
  • view rewards
  • redeem rewards
  • view account details
  • view transactions
  • activate new or reissued cards by scanning the card
  • dispute certain credit card charges
  • view or download PDF statements,
  • track the steps of their replacement credit card delivery in real-time
  • much more!

Citibank is the first major U.S. credit card issuer to offer the option for cardmembers to scan both embossed and non-embossed credit cards within a mobile app to activate the card. After the card account number is scanned, cardmembers will only need to input their CVV, date of birth and last four digits of their SSN to finish activating their card. Citi Quick Lock is another new functionality that enables Citi customers to “lock” their account with a simple tap or click within Citi Online or the Citi Mobile App. The Citi Quick Lock ability helps ensure that no unauthorized charges are made while a card is misplaced and if they do locate the misplaced card, Citi customers can easily “unlock” their account.

NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you are a new or current customer that needs to activate your new Citibank Mobile App Download, read below. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below to access the activation page to activate your Citibank Mobile App download online.

how to activate – Citibank Mobile App Download Online

what you need in advance:

  • internet access
  • have an official Citibank account
  • have iPhone, Android, iPad or Apple Watch
  • personal information

what to do:

You may also connect with Citi via: