Tencent QQ is an instant internet messenger with a built-in translator that was launched in 1999. Tencent is the largest Internet Company in China and 4th largest in the world by market cap, after Google, Amazon and Facebook. Following Facebook they are the 2nd largest social network across the globe. As of 2012, they have over 750 million activate accounts. Tencent QQ messenger is available on almost every platform such as Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile/CE, Symbian, Java ME, Web App Java ME, Web App Available in Chinese, English, French, Japanese. NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information. Some of the features are as follows:

  • free to download and use
  • compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, and Mac OSx
  • accessible in English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German and Korean
  • real-time inline translator in 50+ language in the chat client
  • chat supports up to 20 people at a time through group video
  • 100+ Apps to better user experience
  • online and offline file transmission
  • no need to compress or zip folders just send folders directly

If you want to be  use Tencent QQ Internaitional you will want to download and activate it. We have provided a quick and basic “how to” guide below for activate and download QQ International.

how to activate – QQ International Messenger on your Phone

what you need:

  • internet access
  • a mobile device

what to do to activate and download QQ International Messenger:

  • visit: www.imqq.com/#download
  • choose which platform your device uses
  • follow the prompts for downloading OR
  • scan the QR code with your mobile phone and download