Octapharma Plasma Inc. is based within the U.S. This company collects plasma that is used to create life-saving medicines for patients across the globe. Octapharma Plasma operates more than 45 donation centers and have more than 3,000 employees  in the United States. Donors will earn money and received their compensation on an Octapharma Plasma Visa Debit Card. NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you are a  customer that needs to activate your Octapharma Plasma Visa debit card online, read below. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below to activate any official  Octapharma Plasma Visa debit card.

how to activate – Citi Prepaid Octapharma Plasma Visa debit card Online

what you need in advance:

  • have an official Citi Prepaid Octapharma Plasma Visa debit card
  • other personal information

what to do if you are a Current User: