The foundation of Audi can be traced back to 1899. It was founded by August Horch when he set up the company A. Horch & Cie., and started to develop the very first Horch automobiles. It was this company, along with Audi, DKW and Wanderer that the four ring symbol is based since all of the companies have roots in the now Audi AG company or Audi brand.

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Before you can get the most of your new Audi Prepaid Citi card account, you will need to register for it. If you are a customer that needs to activate your personal Audi Prepaid Citi card account, read below. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below to activate your Audi Prepaid Citi card account online.

how to activate – Audi Prepaid Citi card account

what you need in advance:

  • internet access
  • personal information
  • have an official Audi Prepaid Citi card

what to do if you want to activate your personal Audi Prepaid Citi account online:

  • visit:
  • click on the “Register your card now.” link located under the “First time user?” section
  • type in your 16 digit Audi Prepaid Card number in the space provided
  • type in the security code which is found on the back of the card in the space provided
  • click on the “Next” button
  • continue to move forward and provide all the required information to complete the Audi Citi Prepaid card account registration and card activation