REI began business in 1938. The REI MasterCard is the only rewards credit card that allows members to get a bigger REI annual dividend and gives back to the outdoors all at the same time.; not to mention the discounts & coupons provided. Why have a REI MasterCard Rewards:

  • REI gives back to the outdoors because U.S. Bank donates $20,000 each year to non-profit organizations that actively promote folks to volunteer and restore natural spaces
  • REI a $100 gift card upon approval and first purchase
  • 5% back on REI purchases
  • 2% back on Grocery purchases
  • 1% back on everything else
Additional World MasterCard Benefits:
  • Priceless Golf
  • Access to a personal travel advisor
  • Access to the Luxury Hotels & Resorts program

NOTE: please visit the site directly to verify the details and obtain more information.

If you have received your personal REI Credit Card you will want to immediately activate it. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to activate your personal REI credit card online.

how to activate- REI Credit Card

what you need:

  • internet access
  • official REI Credit Card
  • personal information

what to do to activate your personal REI Credit Card Online:

  • visit:
  • log in if your are a current customer if not; click on the “Enroll Now” link
  • select “Personal” for the type of account
  • click “No” for “I have a Personal Checking, Savings or Money Market Account with U.S. Bank.” (unless you do, which then choose “Yes” to link the accounts”
  • click on the “I have a U.S. Bank Credit Card, Premier Line or Credit Line account.”
  • to the right a new section will appear titled “Account Information”; type in your REI credit card number in the space provided
  • type in your REI signature panel code (found on the back of the card) in the space provided
  • enter in a PIN that you will remember in the space provided
  • type in the expiration date of the REI card in the space provided
  • type in the zip code on file in the space provided
  • type in the last four digits of your social in the space provided
  • click on the “Continue” button
  • continue to move forward and provide all the required information to complete the REI card activation online