American Express now offers an American Express Serve card. It is designed to provide you with a full service re-loadable prepaid account that does not require you to maintain a minimum balance, do a credit check or pay any hidden fees . The card itself will cost around $3. You will be able to add cash easily from locations such as Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Family Dollar, Office Depot, Duane Reade, Sheetz and more. Adding the cash is free and then you can use anywhere for anything as long as American Express is an acceptable form of payment.

There is a monthly fee of $1 but will you will be able to use this for direct deposits, free ATM withdrawals at official American Express ATMs, use the mobile check capture feature and pay your online bills. We have provided a quick “how to” activation guide below for you to activate or verify your new American Express Serve card so you can start using it immediately.

NOTE: you will need to do this for both the temporary and personalized American Express Serve card to receive the full benefits of the account. If you do this with a temporary card, a new Personalized card will be mailed to you soon after you complete the registration process. Once the new card arrives, activate the new card and start using it. Any remaining balance will automatically be transferred.

how to activate- American Express Serve Card

what you need: 

  • internet access
  • valid email address
  • valid phone number
  • valid American Express Serve card
  • other personal information

what to do:

  • visit
  • log in to your American Express Serve Account NOTE: if you do not yet have one, see the steps below titled “TO REGISTER FOR SERVE CARD”
  • type in your email address
  • type in your password
  • type in the card number your American Express Serve card
  • provide and enter in any other required information
  • click on the ”ACTIVATE” button
  • receive a confirmation showing you successfully activated your American Express Serve card

what to do to register for a American Express Serve card:

  • visit 
  • click in the purple ”REGISTER NOW”
  • review and provide all the required information on this page and the next
  • receive your confirmation that you did successfully register and activate your request for your personal American Express Serve card
  • bookmark this page and wait for your American Express Serve card to mailed to you and then come back to our site to activate your new card