Visa has been around since 1958 and continues to grow and expand. Today you can find Visa operating in 200 areas in across the world.  Now Visa offers ReadyLink. Just look at the back of your Visa Prepaid card to see if it has the official ReadyLink logo. If it does, you are qualified to use this new feature that allows you to reload your card with funds.

You can easily and quickly add money to the Visa Prepaid card from convenient places near your location. Participating stores include Circle K, 7 Eleven, Exxon, Randalls, Vons, Tom Thumb, Pak ‘n Save, Carrs and Safeway. Below we have provided a quick “how to” guide to activate your Visa Prepaid Card ReadyLink feature and add funds to your Visa card today.

how to activate – Visa Prepaid Card ReadyLink Feature

what you need:

  • internet access
  • your Visa card has the official Visa ReadyLink feature available for use

what to do: 

  • visit
  • check the back of Visa card to verify if the card has the official ReadyLink logo on it
  • proceed to visit or find locations that allow you to use the ReadyLink feature and add funds to your Visa card
  • walk up to the cashier or store associate or self-service kiosk and swipe you card
  • let the cashier have the funds/cash you want to load or insert the funds/cash at the kiosk
  • get the receipt that confirms that you successfully activated and used the ReadyLink feature to add funds/money to your Visa card