Whatsapp is a internet based sms text messaging service that allows users worldwide to be able to send sms text messages across multiple platforms. Whatsapp allows these messages to be sent over the internet for free ( .99 cent annualy after first year). Users all over the world use whatsapp because of its cost effectiveness. You do not get a sms charge from your carrier when using whatsapp. The service also allows for users to set up group chats voice messaging and location sharing as well as new features that roll out regularly.

Whatsapp currently has over 700 million users as of early 2015 and it shows no sign of slowing down. It was founded by ex yahoo employees and in 2014 it was aquired by Facebook for $16 BILLION!

How to Use whatsapp.

To be able to download and use the whatsapp services you need to have a compatible smartphone or tablet w a sim card. It will need a internet connection and your phone number(which acts as your account id) . Nearly all smartphones on the market today are compatible and again the cost is free to download but after 12 months there is a annual fee of .99  cents. But this is just a small fee considering the regular costs it would be to try and keep up with or stay in contact with those overseas and abroad.

Below is the link to sign up for whatsapp and start using their service.